Every era is specified by the growing-up-kids' habits as what kind of toys they are playing with and how they use them. The games that we played in our childhood affect our personality so strongly that their awareness-raising power and role of modelling human relationship are almost invaluable, During common games we experienced together is the school of success, efficiency, cooperative, leadership, self-realization, skill to practice winning or losing without interference. It does matter how and what kind of toys we played with in our childhood and it is also essential what kind of toys we give to our kids, what lessons we teach them as adults and what the enviroment offers to them.

The Enditoys Ltd. is specialized in producing, designing and developing toys, that we have made because of two reasons: besides they provide ageless fun, they also improving dexterity, space vision, problem-solving and designing skills. In contrast with the regular toys we have formed the basic elements of Enditoys games in a special way. Its advantage is to build in 3 dimensions and limitless variability.

The regular games are built from bottom up, and stacking each elements which result in a pre-planned toy, that you just need to be built. In contrast with this method the games of Enditoys provide a tool for independent contructing; elements can be stacked to any direction and the variability of the three-dimensional forms depends only on your fantasy.

During playing there is an opportunity to learn the basic static laws, since the toys model the process of construction in a lifelike way.

The company's posy is: "Toys from the past by current technology"

Our primary business goal is to meet a customer base's expectations at the highest level who prefer quality games. It is important part of our business policy that we can continuously adapt ourselves to the market and to the changing expectations. With this we target to win the acknowledgment of a wide customer base.

Our company would like to gain better beneficial position with producing and putting into circulation toys which can offer more than the products of existent competitor in the global market. The games of Enditoys Ltd. will be introduced under the brand "3D Creative", our marketing activity tend to popularize the brand and our creations.